4 steps to increase self-love and self-confidence right away!

To love yourself you need to be someone you could fall in love with. I guess that you think the actual version of you is hard to love. Or that you don’t deserve happiness. Maybe you constantly run around chasing toxic relationships. Or you’re staying at a job you hate. Or something.

All these factors have a huge influence on self-respect and as a consequence on self-love.

Here is something that really helped me to start loving myself deeply. Make these 5 crucial changes in your mindset and start your self-love journey right away:

1. Take total control of your life

Stop blaming other people or circumstances for bad things in your life. And the most important thing: stop looking for other people’s approval (!)

To love yourself it is necessary to have a thick skin. And to realize that other people’s opinions are just… opinions. Nothing more. So there is no need to overreact. For me, that was and still is the hardest thing to struggle with. As a highly sensitive person, I had a fear of being judged by others. But eventually, I realized that people are different. And hat I have my opinions too, so why the hell they’re less important for me than the ones of others?

Always make your own choices and accept all the consequences. Do not rely on other people. Make it a habit. Trust me – that kind of behavior will develop your personal strength a lot. And you can be sure, that that strength is correlated with self-love.

2. Develop your passions and unique skills

Trust me, the more you’ll work on your skills, talents, dreams, desires, and all your uniqueness, the more easily you’ll fall in love with yourself. All you need to do is focus on building the best version of yourself that’ll love easily. Click and discover how to create a balanced life filled with happiness?

Remember to constantly set goals and achieve them. That beautiful process takes a lot of hard work and effort, but with the proper selection of goals, it will provide you incredible amounts of energy.

Click and learn how to find your life’s purpose and set goals.

3. Live intentionally

Listen to your inner voice and your intuition Deep down you already know what you feel and want in this life. So stop ignoring your inner voice and your intuition. Without being yourself you cannot be happy and you can’t love yourself. My wish for you is that you find your vocation and your place in life. Without doing what you want, you’ll most likely feel incomplete and unhappy.

Most people usually tend to choose the easiest and convenient life choices. Then they get older and feel worse and worse about the quality of their lives. So please – don’t cheat on your personal desires and goals. No matter how crazy they seem to look or feel so far. To help yourself with that process, you need to learn how to develop and keep mindfulness every single day.

Take a risk! We only get one go-round, so it’s extremely important to discover and follow our own unique paths. What do you have to lose?

4. Cultivate self-care rituals

You’ll love yourself more when you take a me time regularly. Take care of your needs such as nutrition, meditation, sport, the quality of sleep, relaxation, and intimacy.

Just imagine how much your life will change when you make these changes habits! It’s worth the effort because there is nothing more important and beautiful than self-love. Do you agree? πŸ™‚

Love, M.

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