9 powerful mindfulness exercises to add into your daily self-care routine

Mindfulness is the ability to be here and now, in the present moment. And why is it so important? Staying in the now is a perfect cure for feeling overwhelmed by too much stress in life, the feeling of fear, anxiety, or even depression. It also relates to meditation.

Check out some simple exercises to be a more mindful person:

1. See something special in every person you know

Pay attention while talking to others by looking directly into their eyes. Listen closely to their words. Take an interest in their unique skills, hobbies, passions, etc. Try to notice what you find interesting, admirable, or rare about them. The important thing is to truly enjoy each other’s company while spending time together.

2. Stop looking at your phone while eating

Eating without any distractions could help you with reaching a state of full attention to your experiences when biting, chewing, and swallowing food. Try to eat as slow as you can and engage all of your senses by noticing smells, flavors, colors, and even sounds. Take care of yourself and choose healthy and delicious meals.

3. Feel the warm sunshine on your skin

4. Relieve stress with bath meditation

Block off 20-30 minutes where you won’t be disturbed. Take a relaxing, hot bath with your favorite scented oils. Focus on the various sensations you feel in your body. Breathe deep and slow. Try to rest and relax at the present moment. When you find thoughts of the future or the past, don’t panic and try to redirect your attention to the present moment without judgment. Continue this process for a couple of minutes. After that, you should feel soothed, calm, and relaxed.

5. Observe your inner experience while watching a movie

6. Focus your attention on your own breathing

The breathing exercises help to bring your emotions back to a more neutral, positive feeling. If you feel yourself losing connection with the present moment try to focus on your air going in and out your body. When you put all your effort into breathing, it is hard to think about your worries. Find a comfortable position, relax your body, and practice the feeling of the natural flow of breath for a couple of minutes daily.

7. Listen to the music and experience it on a deep level

8. Pamper and moisturize your body and combine it with self-massage

Take a couple of minutes from your time to pamper yourself. Touch yourself with the feeling of love and care while moisturizing your body during your self-care routine.

9. Add guided meditation into your morning or evening routine

Start practicing mindfulness with a guided meditation. Here are some of my favorite recordings available on Spotify.

A printable gift for you

I prepared a printable infographic about these mindfulness exercises. >>Click here to download<<

>>Click here to download<<

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