Best tips for personal growth: How to create a balanced life filled with happiness?

Well, I’ll turn 30 soon. On this occasion I’d like to share some of my top life-changing tips for self development with you. Tested by me personally.

I can safely say that I’ve been focusing on personal growth in my lifetime a lot. But I found out that unfortunately I’ve been doing it the wrong way for most of the time. At some point I’ve noticed that when I made a decision to do what I want in my life I started to become much more happier person.

And now I think this is what life should be about – doing what you want and love. But I must be honest with you – it was (and still is) a slow and difficult process.

It’s strange but when I look back on my life it seems like I was a totally different person than I am now (even a year ago). More of that I have to admit that I definiately like the new version of me A LOT more (compared to the old one).

Ready for some tips? Let’s get started!

My personal recipe for happiness

You already know how to be happy, right? Do what you love. I know what you probably think: It’s not that simple Magda. And I agree with that – it’s not simple at all. But when you achieve this state, your life quality will be enormous, I promise!

Where to start?

First you need to discover what you want to do in your life. Ask yourself questions such as:

What would my perfect day look like?

What really makes me happy in life? Have I ever experienced a flow state? Think of a time when you were so involved in what you were doing that the rest of the world seemed to have disappeared.  What were you doing then?

Now focus on what you like or love doing. What fills you up with energy and power? Try to write down as many things/activities as you can.

Here is my personal list:

  • digital or pencil drawing,
  • crossfit,
  • running in the forest,
  • studying personal growth or psychology,
  • listening to music,
  • reading criminals or listening to criminal podcasts, solving murder mysteries etc.
  • spending time with my friends,
  • meditating.

12 spheres of human life

To do what you love you need motivation. Moivation requires energy. But you cannot get water out of a stone, right? So, to get priceless energy for developing your balanced life you need to focus on your spheres of life.

All you need to do is to engage in 2-4 of them and start improving your skills step by step. If you are totally not happy with your life it’ll be a hard process. Without a doubt. But take your time. And most of all – believe in yourself! Don’t be discouraged by failures. And reward yourself for every progress.

Psychologists claim that there are 6-12 spheres of human life:

  • Finances
  • Health (healthy food!) and sport
  • Career
  • Appearance
  • Self-development
  • Friends
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Family
  • Altruism (a selfless concern for the well-being of others)
  • Art
  • Inner world (religion, meditation etc.)

Try to match the activities you’ve written in a previous step with these spheres. It should be possible to extract your strongest and weakest points. Remember that your strong sphere should fill you with energy and pleasure. If you have problems with defining your spheres of life – don’t panic. Just observe yourself and keep asking yourself the following question: Does that activity make me feel good? If the answer is yes, you probably find one of your strongest spheres.

Start small. Keep doing with that stuff and get as much energy as you can. You can use it later for doing activities from your weakest spheres.

The best emotional first aid kit

The great thing is that if you have for example broken heart (so your love sphere is broken) you can heal yourself by focusing on your well developed spheres. I don’t claim that this is the easy way of healing but definiately the best I’ve ever known. Trust me – with time you’ll become stronger and more confident person.

So what do you think? I hope that I’ve convinced you that focusing on yourself and doing what you love is the best key to happy and well balanced life. Share your thoughts in the comment section below if you want 🙂

Love, M.

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