How to get things done with an undated digital planner based on David Allen’s time management system

I’ve wanted to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done method since I read his book for the first time. This method is a life-changer. It helps to manage it all, everything in one place. I’ve already designed a dated digital planner based on the GTD method. But I also decided to create an undated version of this planner.

In this blog post, I’d like to show you the pros of the Getting Things Done undated planner. Moreover, I’d like to give you some tips on how to get organized with this extremely functional organization tool.

The GTD undated digital planner

I must say that I’m totally in love with digital planners! It was love at first sight ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re not convinced undated planner is good for you and your needs, I’ve prepared a simple comparison to make this decision easier for you.

1. It’s reusable

You can use undated planner multiple times and gain all the advantages it brings every single year without the need to buy a new one. Also, if you buy an undated planner later in the year, you won’t pay for pages you will never use.

2. It’s flexible

You should choose an undated planner if youโ€™re the person who prefers planning with monthly and weekly spreads. Dated planners consist mainly of dated daily schedules, so if you’re not a fan of daily planner templates, an undated version would be more suitable for your personal needs.

Also, if you can go weeks without updating a planner, an undated version will be a better choice by comparison with a dated one.

3. It was designed using the Getting Things Done time management system

The Getting Things Done system is based on the TO-DO lists, not daily schedules. So the undated planner seems to be perfect for this method. If you’re a fan of David Allen’s approach to time management and productivity, you should definitely choose an undated version and don’t use the daily templates.

What does the GTD digital planner include?

You can buy an undated GTD digital planner in my shop by clicking here. Now, let’s discover what’s inside this planner:

Unated calendar

You have to prepare your planner before you start using it. Fill in the dates for the current year, month (or months), weeks, and/or days if you want.

The need to fill in the dates is the only difference between the undated and dated version of the Getting Things Done digital planner.

You can find more info about the dated planner by clicking here.

Yearly plan

Monthly plan

Weekly plan

Daily plan

The Getting Things Done sections

The GTD digital planner has a horizontal view and contains 1152 pages + 20 different cover pages. It has a lot of sections based on the Getting Things Done method invented by David Allen:

  • Inbox section – the place where you write down all the ideas and tasks as they occur to you.
  • TO-DO lists – the next action lists.
  • The waiting tasks – list for delegated actions.
  • The Someday/Maybe list – for all your ideas.
  • Special section for all your projects divided by categories.
  • Habit trackers – for tracking all of your goals.
  • Nutrition – for scheduling your diet and for planning meals (Food Log).
  • Budget – for tracking your finances (bills, savings, debt).
  • Shopping List – for creating multiple lists divided by categories.
  • Yearly Goals – for your personal growth.
  • Reminders – to remember urgent tasks.
  • Diary – your personal dated journal.
  • Notes – lined, dotted, blank, and mixed.

You can find more info about the dated planner by clicking here.

Where can you buy dated or undated GTD digital planner?

Both products are available in my shop:

Click here to go to an undated digital planner

Click here to go to a dated digital planner

I’d be happy if you could let me know what do you think about this planner?  Did you enjoy using it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy planning!

Love, M.

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How to get things done with an undated digital planner based on David Allen’s time management system
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