How to be productive when you don’t feel motivated to do anything at all (4 easy steps)

I noticed that some people keep forgetting that we are all humans with limited energy resources. They push themselves to the limit as if they were machines. That kind of attitude has highly negative consequences for motivation, a sense of happiness, and even for mental health.

I want you to remember that there is no motivation without energy. It’s impossible to feel motivated all the time, without taking breaks and taking time for self-care.

But when you are feeling tired or maybe even exhausted and still urgent things that need to be done fast, you need to find ways to handle them and do the job.

Here are 5 useful tips on how to take action when you’re not feeling motivated.

1. Set simple goals

So, let’s suppose that you are in a state of tiredness, fatigue, or lack of energy. The last thing you want is to start feeling overwhelmed by the things that have to be done. I recommend focusing on one, two, or three simple goals for a start. Choose the ones with high priority. That would be best if you could enjoy accomplishing them at least a little. Choose wisely!

Are you wondering how to set goals? The best way to do that is to write them down in a proper way. Click here and take a look at this guide on how to achieve your goals with a unique and extremely functional digital planner!

2. Make a short To-Do list

Once you’ve got your goals set, create a short TO-DO list based on them. A well-prepared TO-DO list could save you a lot of energy and time. Crossing off tasks from your list can be a really motivational thing. This practice could create a sense of satisfaction and deliver an energy boost for getting more things done.

If you need a revolutionary guide on how to create effective TO-DO lists, click here.

3. Put yourself in a good mood and get some energy

If you have some spare time, allocate that time to do something you really like. Think about activities, that make you feel energized and bring you into a perfect mood. These are my favorite things, that make me feel full of positive energy:

  • Watching a feel-good movie,
  • Reading an inspirational book,
  • Drawing with a pencil to the sound of music,
  • Meditation session with my favorite Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm,
  • Crossfit workout with my friends,
  • Pole dance lessons,
  • Drinking coffee and eating my favorite meal (sandwiches with peanut butter and strawberry jam),
  • Taking a relaxing bath with candle lights and foam,
  • Taking massage,
  • Laughing and having fun with my friends.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration to create your own list of mood-boosting actions tailored for you.

4. Add some fun!

Make your work easier by adding a little fun to something you’re not motivated to do. You’ll feel more positive about things that have to be done. You might even start looking forward to accomplishing the task when it’s paired with something enjoyable.

Do you have your own tricks for finding motivation for work? I’ll be really grateful if you could share them with me in the comment section below 🙂

Love, M.

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