How to achieve your goals with the GTD digital planner? (a step by step guide)

Do you feel stuck in your life like you have trouble reaching the goals you set? To make this process easier, I designed for you a special, extremely functional time management tool – a digital planner based on the Getting Things Done system. It’ll help you to have all your plans under control! The additional benefit is that you’ll have everything in one place with super easy access.

Here’s a short guide with tips you may want to learn about setting and accomplishing goals (with the GTD digital planner). They’re really helpful when it comes to setting and achieving goals, so you might need them to become successful in reaching your goals and dreams.

Write them down

The GTD digital planner has a special section for all your life goals. They’re divided by life categories such as: Career, Finances, Spirituality, Education, Personal Growth, Relationships, and Self Care. There is one empty space with a hyperlink. You can write your own category there. For me, it’s Crossfit, which is my passion and I have a lot of goals bound up with it.

So, here is the list of my personal goals connected with Crossfit. Most of all, I’d like to learn to handstand without support. I wrote it down in the first place. After that, I wrote other CrossFit skills I’d like to develop further. As you can see I’ve learned one technique called Frog stand so far.

When you click on the number from a list of goals, It’ll direct you to a page for a plan to achieve one single goal.

Make a plan: Figure out as much next actions as you can

You can see my plan for learning the handstand below. I made a list of exercises (with a little help from my coach). I have a training schedule to perform 3 days per week. I also planned a special reward when I succeed and make my first handstand. This is a really important step in setting goals because it increases motivation a lot.

Use habit trackers to create consistency

To have your goal under control – use habit trackers! The process of completing the fills every day and observing your progress is the key to consistency. It’s easier to persevere in our efforts with habit trackers. Give it a try!


Designing planners is my passion, so I’ll be really happy if you find this information and my Getting Things done digital planner helpful and useful.

Let me know how it went with your goals! 🙂

Love. M.

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How to get things done with an undated digital planner based on David Allen’s time management system
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