Get your life on track with these 3 essential productivity hacks!

How often do you feel out of control? I once felt that almost all of the time, so I know that this could be an extremely stressful and frustrating state of mind. Most of my days ended with thoughts like I could have done more or I wasted all day again.

Eventually, I figured that I had to change my mindset to make the situation better. It was a crucial part, but I couldn’t have done it without some useful tricks. Through trial and error, I eventually improved the quality of my life.

Here are the tricks that helped me the most:

1. Define your purpose and make the master plan of your life

One of the biggest issues with the modern world is the emphasis on being busy. Most people are focusing on their daily to-do lists only. That practice can prevail over the inner voice that is trying to tell: Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?

Maybe you don’t have a plan for your life, or you have the bad one. Think about it and make some time for writing down your strengths and weaknesses. Wonder what you really want to achieve in this life. It has no rehearsals.

When you’re living life without any purpose, you shouldn’t be surprised that you feel bad about it instead of being excited. It’s almost impossible to stay motivated and satisfied without proper life goals, based on your personal predispositions, dreams, and desires.

If you need some guidance, take a look at this: 4 steps to find your goals, passion, and life purpose (+ free printable worksheet)

2. Apply the Getting Things Done system into your daily routine!

I have repeatedly reminded about this amazing method on my blog. Furthermore, I designed a unique digital planner based on the Getting Things Sone system. This time management system changed my life 180 degrees. My planner and the tips from the author of the Getting Things Done book, David Allen, help me every day to be an extremely productive person. I don’t procrastinate anymore. I have all my tasks organized in a functional system, so don’t forget about things. I can’t imagine my life without this amazing system!


3. Use the power of time intervals

To develop your most productive self you need to focus on one single task at a time and take breaks in your workflow. This gives your mind the possibility to recover from intense focus. The most effective method that uses time intervals in a smart way is called the Pomodoro Technique. This is the most powerful time management method I know, that maximizes the concentration level. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

What are your proven ways to boost productivity? Have you been using the Getting Things Done or the Pomodoro methods? Leave a comment below if you want to share your experience!

Love, M.

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